At this very second, 485 miles above our heads, a technological marvel orbits the Earth. 
Its name: Iridium® NEXT.
It is the most ambitious telecommunications project of all times.
Iridium® NEXT is an interconnected network of 66 satellites that covers the entire globe, enabling users to make voice and data calls from absolutely anywhere on the face of the Earth – from the polar regions to oceans, and at high altitudes – with complete reliability.
It is the only network with complete global coverage, and every single day the lives of emergency and humanitarian services, pilots and sailors, adventurers and military personnel, depend on it to work and survive.
Iridium® NEXT is one of the greatest ever feats of space engineering.
Through determination, teamwork and imagination, Thales Alenia Space teams and its partners deliver this new generation of Iridium® NEXT satellites.
Follow the men and women who are transforming the future of global communications.